Group Visits

Group Visits

Every year we welcome a number of student groups from around the world to experience life in a British boarding school. Group stays are possible for one week or more. Spaces are limited and we arrange places well in advance.

Strathallan Immersion Programme

At Strathallan we consider pupils for short stay immersion programmes in all years. Immersion programmes are designed for those pupils who are seriously considering applying for a full time place at Strathallan. An immersion programme is an excellent way of experiencing life at the School. Every young person will be welcomed as a member of a House and will take part in a full calendar of academic, sporting, social and extra curricular activities. We consider applications on an individual basis and acceptance will depend on the time of year requested, the desired year group and the applicant’s school report.

1. What ages do you consider?

We consider immersion stays for all ages from Year 5 to Year 12 (ages 9 to 18)

2. What is the best time of year for an immersion stay?

The best time depends on the year group and we can advise on application.

3. How long can I stay?

We recommend a duration of one week but longer stays may be considered.

Short stay programmes

We recognise that it is not always possible to join us for a full year and that sometimes it helps to experience a school before committing to a longer stay. For these reasons we do consider a small number of short stays from suitable candidates.

One term or more

Any pupil wishing to apply for one to three terms will follow the same admissions procedure as those applying for long term study. We will ask for school report, references and conduct a Skype interview. Please complete the Registration Form or the Admissions Enquiry Form in the first instance.

Please note that to ensure a rounded and beneficial experience for every pupil we don’t accept short term stays in every term or for ever year group.

To find out more and to ask about costs for these programmes please get in touch with our Admissions department: or telephone +44(0) 1738 815003